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 I have been working with  Damion for almost 5 years now.  My sessions with him have been a life raft in my darkest times and a great  place to work things out as my mental health improved.  He has patiently given me the space to work out my feelings and experiences, while gently reminding me to be kind and fair to myself.  Therapy has been an invaluable learning experience when guided by Damion.

Anonymous Female  38 Scotland


My sessions with Damion were productive and very rewarding.  He took the time to help me explore my feelings and develop methods, that I was comfortable with, of expressing my thoughts…

     Anonymous Male, 53, London.

I will cherish what therapy has given me for the rest of my life.

Anonymous  Female, 33, London.

Asking for help under emotional stress often introduces a whole new level of anxiety, not often recognized at the time.  Damion encourages discussion within the perspective of your immediate and past concerns.

Anonymous  Male, 65, London.

Having come to Damion as a  45 year old woman, in the deep darkness of losing a close relation, relationship issues coping with a destructive eating disorder; the last two years have been a  long bumpy road back to health and life again.  I  feel I have benefited as a person from these sessions and through all these traumatic events , therapy made me more compassionate to myself.  Since working with  Damion I feel more  confident and  more drive in me  to achieve personal and professional happiness.  I feel therapy saved me from going down a spiral of depression.

Anonymous  Female, 45 London. 

Damion  created a space where I could work through various things that I was struggling with.  Ultimately it culminated in me being able to take back ownership of my personal growth from a position of  better understanding of myself, with the tools to  keep moving forward.

Anon Male, 48 London

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